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Dear Visitor,


    Since the launch of Molly Polly in September 2000 my company and products have gone from strength to strength.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Molly Polly's success. My inspiration for Molly Polly was my late grandmother,  Molly Polly - hence the name for my business.  She suffered with very painful swollen feet and was unable to get any comfortable footwear, so I designed a slipper that gave her great comfort and quality of life.

Molly Polly

    I wanted to run my own business, and it was then a matter of getting down to the serious business of developing a business plan and finding the start-up finance from someone who believed in me and my idea.  That someone turned out to be the Hertfordshire Prince’s Trust, and the rest, as they say, is history!

    One of the main reasons Molly Polly has been such a success is due to our 'made to measure' service, and also our products are 'hand made', a complete novelty by today's standards!  If you live within a 30 mile radius of the factory in King's Langley, Hertfordshire, I will visit you for a fitting!  If not we have a special 'foot measurement kit' with full instructions to ensure a perfect fit - available from this website (click here), Email, or a phone call.

    Quite a success story, made truly remarkable by my life threatening experience in 2002.  In January 2002 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.   Chemotherapy followed and the prognostication of my consultant was not good, being of the opinion that my condition was inoperable.  I sought a second opinion and Mr Desmond Barton at the Royal Marsden Hospital took an entirely different view, believing the cancer to be operable, giving me a good chance of defeating the disease.  On March 29th 2002, I underwent 5˝ hours of radical surgery.  Two days later, I was sitting up in bed, sketching new designs to expand my product range.  I was given the 12 month 'all clear', the business is booming,  and I have to think before realising why people are still asking me how I am!

    Since this website went live in November 2002, demand has increased for our footwear on a global scale.  Our ‘foot measuring system’ has enabled us to manufacture ‘made to measure’ products for people all over the world!

    We have many Support Groups on the Support Resources page that may be of great help to you or a friend - many of these have a reciprocal link to make their visitors aware of our products.  I am particularly happy to have a link with the Lymphoedema Support Network - the opportunity to contribute to the valuable support and information service which the Network provides is greatly appreciated. 

    Alongside my ambitions for the Molly Polly business, I have a new mission in life. I am a very lucky girl, Mr Barton and his team at the Royal Marsden saved my life and gave me a second chance - now I am determined to do whatever I can to improve understanding of the Papilloma virus which infected me and which most people have never heard of.  I believe it should be tested for in every routine smear test.  Many thousands of women, particularly young women, have had the virus in them at some time and in every case there is a risk of cancer, however small.  It is so easy to protect against the virus, by not having unprotected sex.

    My new lease on life is benefiting many people with painful leg and foot conditions, giving relief from discomfort and, in many cases, a degree of mobility of which they could only dream before they discovered Molly Polly.

    When I started Molly Polly in 2000, the main intention was to make our products available to all those who desperately needed them - mainly NHS patients.  Back then it seemed just a dream, but now it is a possibility as Health Authorities are opening their doors to the smaller supplier.  Hopefully you will be able to order Molly Polly products through your local hospitals very shortly!

Kind regards,

    Rachel x






Rachel Groom

M.D. & Designer of

Molly Polly Products

Postal address

P.O. Box 85, Kings Langley, Herts, WD4 8ZX.

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