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The testimonial below describes how successful this product has been.  Not only is it made of soft black leather, which makes this design very durable, and it is ideal for outdoor wear.  We also go to great lengths to ensure the perfect fit, it may take several fittings but for the severe foot sufferer it is worth the wait.  The price of this product works out at approximately 250 depending on the foot condition and shape.  We will need your complete foot measurements to accomplish the perfect fit, and it will take 6-8 weeks to complete.


Dear Rachel (Molly Polly),

I return herewith my shoes for finishing. As I said to you during our telephone conversation, I am delighted with the fit after the 1st-fit modifications. I took the shoes out of the box, opened them up, removed the tissue-paper stuffing, stepped into them, closed the 'Velcro' fastenings either side then tightened the straps and - instant comfortl I did not have to adjust the 'Velcro' adjustments around the heels; the shoes fitted very nicely around the very awkward swellings to my feet and ankles. You have interpreted my requirements far better than I dared hope, and I look forward to receiving the completed shoes when you have fitted the outdoor soles. I shall be very grateful if you can fit some sort of heels to the shoes as discussed, as it will aid my walking and give greater wear resistance on the heels for driving.

Please return these shoes to me as soon as possible as my existing shoes are quite literally falling apart! Many thanks for all your efforts and attention to detail.

Yours Sincerely,

David Burdett


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