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The Shear Comfort Pressure Care Boot has been designed for those at risk from leg and foot ulcers as a consequence of diabetes.  The sheepskin sides fold over the top of the foot and a sheepskin strap wraps around the heel, with generous Velcro fastenings.  Foot swelling such as with oedema can thus be readily accommodated.

The Pressure Care Boots all have a strong but flexible rubber sole, so can be worn outdoors and in. 


A popular product favoured by many including people with diabetes.  This unique design allows the foot to rest easily on the washable sole while being wrapped safely by two easily adjustable Velcro fasteners. 

The open toe design allows toe inspection without the need to remove the boot.  This may also be useful for those who have dressings on their toes, or where there is a need to reduce pressure in this area.



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