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    The whole idea started with my late grandmother Molly Polly - hence the name of the company. She suffered with very painful swollen feet, and was unable to get any comfortable footwear so I designed a slipper that gave her great comfort and quality of life.

September 2000

    I started my business with a loan from The Prince's Trust in Hertfordshire, and the support of a business mentor provided by the Trust. I was able to start manufacturing and selling my first product, the Molly Polly Boot. 

- Molly Polly (Original) Boot -

September 2002

    Due to being treated for cancer it became apparent that there where few products on the market for the lymphoedema sufferer, (a condition that can be caused by radiotherapy treatment). As I had plenty of time on my hands convalescing I set about designing a range of products for severely swollen or bandaged feet. This range consisted of:

- Mules - Sandals - Molly Boot - Bentley Boot - Nethercotte Boot -

- Hine Boot - Long Tall Molly - Heel and Elbow Protectors -

    All of these products were ‘made to measure’.

September 2003

    With every pair of Molly Polly products despatched we enclose a ‘Customer Comments’ sheet. This gives us a clear indication in what area we can improve our products. Acting on customer feedback we introduced a lightweight material available in Black and Navy blue for the warmer weather, and a denser fur material for our winter products. All of our designs are now more sculpted to fit snug to the foot, with a wider strap and buckles to give a more secure fit.

    We have also developed an outdoor boot - the Paget Boot. This is designed and made specifically for the individual.

    The Butterfly Boot is the new design that has replaced the ‘Hine’ Boot and ‘Nethercotte’ Boot from our 2002 range.

    These overall changes have made our product range more versatile with a neater, streamline appearance. The product range now consists of:

- Mules - Sandal - Molly Boot - Bentley Boot - Butterfly Boot -

- Long Tall Molly - Heel and Elbow Protectors - Paget (Outdoor) Boot -

    All of the above products are ‘made to measure’.

As a healthcare and mobility company, we do receive enquiries for footwear to suit people suffering with various problems affecting the legs and feet. In severe cases, where other specialist footwear suppliers products will clearly not suffice, Molly Polly has proved ideal.

From the beginning of our association with Rachel Groom in April 2002, we have been equally impressed with the high quality of her products and her exceptional standard of customer care.

Hers being a bespoke and very specialized service, we tend to recommend our customers to Molly Polly and ask permission to pass their details on to Rachel. In every case, she has contacted the customer immediately after our referral, and has been able to satisfy their needs both promptly and sympathetically. Rachel obviously has a great deal of knowledge in her field, as well as a special empathy with her clients.

We have received nothing less than glowing reports from customers who have dealt with Molly Polly, and have no hesitation in recommending that company to you for its professionalism, efficiency, reliability and genuine concern.

Yours faithfully,

Denise Cross

Everyday Healthcare & Mobility


    Unfortunately 2004 was a very bad year for business due to my health.  The first half of this year was spent with me in and out of hospital suffering with severe chest pain and breathing difficulties.  This rendered me unable to trade, as working in the manufacturing environment made my breathing condition worse.  I was initially diagnosed with pneumonia and then after further investigation, I was diagnosed with secondary cervical cancer in the right lung.  The second half of 2004 was spent having several months of chemotherapy and then radical surgery to remove my right lung, as well as many other bits and pieces of me!!!  The end of 2004 gave me much time for deliberation!  How was I going to continue with Molly Polly or was it to be the end?


    The first six months of 2005 were not only spent convalescing, but also trying to find a way to produce the Molly Polly products without it affecting my health!  Whilst sourcing new a material, I discovered a company called Shear Comfort Lanapelle who were able to meet the high standards I set for my manufacturing requirements.  After much discussion, Shear Comfort Lanapelle now manufacture the new range of products, and of course I personally ensure that each product meets my specification.  I have decided to call these products the Molly Polly Shear Comfort Range and I think you will agree that the name really does reflect the look and feel of the products.  They are soooo.. comfy


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