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The Science behind Shear Comfort ...

Pressure Reduction with the Shear Comfort Pressure Care Boots

The two illustrations (pressure maps) below show the pressure distribution under the feet of a stockinged 90kg individual, first on a normal shoe surface, and then with a Shear Comfort Pressure Care Boots, showing the reduction of peak pressure points under the feet that the Pressure Care Boots provide.

Pressure Reduction with the Shear Comfort Cushion-It

The two pressure maps below show the wider distribution of the overall pressure, and the reduction of the peak pressures under the bony parts of the backside when sitting on a Shear Comfort Cushion-It on a wheelchair vinyl sling seat (left) as opposed to the sling seat alone (right).  These pictures corroborate the first randomised clinical trial on the prevention of pressure sores by the medical sheepskins.

The FSA pressure mapping system, which was used to obtain the pressure maps on this page,  is distributed in the UK by BES Rehab Ltd.



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