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The Shear Comfort Product Range

Shear Comfort is a range of high quality medical products for Pressure Ulcer Prevention and management.  These intelligent products aid in the prevention of Pressure Ulcers and associated problems by absorbing moisture and reducing pressure on sensitive spots.  The unique Air Tec process which gives a matrix of small holes across the surface to aid in air supply and water vapour exchange, which means the skin can breathe freely and remain comfortably dry, thereby increasing the product's effectiveness in wound prevention, healing and comfort.

Shear Comfort is supported by Clinical Trials (UK).  Test prove Shear Comfort has a longer life due to our stringent and specialised tanning processes.  Our products can withstand the toughest laundry environment.  For high level thermal disinfection, wash at 80C/176F.  Shear Comfort is Australian Standards approved AS14081.

Click here to read about the scientific background to Shear Comfort.

Foot Care Products

This range of sheepskin products is designed for immobility, frail care and rehabilitation.  The range is sturdy and attractive, using Velcro fasteners for comfort and easy access.  Superbly crafted and practical, the foot care range comes with our quality guarantee.

The current product range is:


Pressure Care Boot


Wrap Around Boot


Short Slipper Boot


Tall Slipper Boot


Slip On

Pressure Care Products

This range of sheepskin products is for immobile patients, frail care and rehabilitation.  The products provide superior moisture absorption and pressure reduction, so they provide a comfortable resting place.  Every product is of an exceptional quality.

The current product range is:




Elbow Protector


Heel Protector




Pressure Care Assistant


Wool Shampoo


To maintain the comfort and therapeutic advantages of sheepskin and wool products, the laundering of the skin and wool fibre is very important.  Pure new wool has a coating of protein over and around each fibre.  On sheepskin this protein acts as a shield or barrier around the whole fibre and contributes to air circulation between the fibres which provides the unique comfort and therapeutic advantages of sheepskin.  On woollen garments it is this which gives that unique feel of pure new wool.

This Shear Comfort sheepskin shampoo & conditioner removes stains and contains a conditioning agent to lubricate the skin and enhance the performance of the wool fibre.

Our sheepskin shampoo/conditioner and wool wash contains an antibacterial agent which protects against bacterial growth, elimination cross-infection, and prevents odours, particularly in medical and baby products.

The wool shampoo contains Tea Tree Oil which is effective against dust mites which are a known allergenic source for asthmatics.


Scientific Background


Click here to read about the scientific background to the Shear Comfort products.



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